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New business bringing hard apple cider to Humboldt County

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Production of Humboldt’s very own hard apple cider began this week.

The Humboldt Cider Company officially moved in to their new facility at Redwood Acres. The new business is one of the only hard cider breweries in Humboldt County. They began pressing apples Tuesday and by Wednesday had already pressed 1 Ton of apples. The owners say they are using local apples first for their cider and this first batch that they’re pressing should be done in about two months.

Humboldt Cider Company plans to officially open once the first batch of cider is ready. The facility will be equipped with a tasting room for guests and two processing rooms.

And while there are many breweries to choose from here on the north coast, the owners say their product is what makes them different.

“It’s a completely separate thing you know, some people like beer, some people like cider, some people like both but it's definitely a different market,” said Jamie Ashdon, co-owner of the Humboldt Cider Company. “We’ll be a unique Humboldt County product and they should taste it, and if it's good, drink it.”