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New Chief of Police at HSU

Humboldt State University will have many fresh faces on campus this year, including a new chief of police.

A law enforcement veteran with nearly three decades of experience, is getting accustomed to the University and getting ready to begin his first semester as part of the campus police.

Donn Peterson was sworn in on January fifth. Since then, he has not only moved into his new office, but has been doing foot patrols, ride alongs with HSU police, talking with staff and finding out what’s important to those working at HSU. He says he wants to build and maintain good relationships, while developing new ones.

“A big initiative for me is to reach out to the various student groups. All the student groups have faculty advisors and I want to be very closely in contact with those faculty advisors. So I can facilitate some invitations and get into those groups. To say, hi this who I am, this is what I believe in and make sure everybody has my cell phone number, my direct lines and that they can call me anytime day or night and be able to reach me,” said Chief of HSU Police, Donn Peterson.