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New classrooms at College of the Redwoods

Crews are putting the final touches on the two new academic buildings at College of the Redwoods. After two years of construction on the buildings the new facilities will be open to students for the fall semester starting on August 24th.


College of the Redwoods President and Superintendent, Kathy Smith, took her first tour of the new buildings today.


"I'm just amazed with the changes in technology that's taken place since the last time I saw a new building four or five years ago," said Smith.


The construction cost $29 million and was funded by $26.3 million in state funds and $3.3 million from Measure Q bond monies.


Inside the new facilities are millions of dollars worth of new equipment.


"Were talking about state of the art equipment," said Steven Glenn Roper, CR Director of Facilities and IT.


The university hopes the new building will bring more students to school and keep them there longer.


"This time of the year is always exciting with the start of the school year and to see all the new faces on campus and to get all the activity on campus," said Smith.