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New Dairy Princess crowned

California is the nation’s leading milk producer, and the 57th Annual Dairy Princess Contest honored the young woman who organizers say best exemplifies the dairy industry here locally.

Three hundred people attended the Coronation Ceremony last Friday in Fortuna. Six girls competed, and the winner gets to represent the dairy industry in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties for the year.  The Dairy Princess does community events, product demonstrations and talks to kids about the importance of milk.  Rachelle Regli was the winner. She comes from a dairy family and attends Ferndale High School, where she participates in various agriculture-related activities.

"I know it will be a lot of work.  And I am willing and I am excited to put all of that work in.  I am a fifth generation dairy farmer.  I know what work is and I am ready to do the job," said Regli.