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New details in Thursday's fatal officer involved shooting

EUREKA- the person who was shot and killed by a California Highway Patrol officer Thursday was a 17-year-old Hoopa male. The officer is currently recovering from, what law enforcement said, are life altering wounds after being attacked with a machete.

The name of the CHP Officer or the man killed has not been released and an autopsy has not been scheduled.

At a press conference Friday, Captain Adam Jager of the Humboldt area CHP called the situation tragic. CHP and the Humboldt County Sheriff's Critical Incident Response Team gave more details about the investigation.

Law enforcement said the accident happened at 1:35 a.m. and the CHP Officer was called to the scene from his home. He was alone, and parked his CHP vehicle facing the crashed car.

Jager said the original encounter with the driver was normal, but quickly turned violent as he attacked the officer with the machete striking him in the hands, arm and face. It was then, where the officer discharged his weapon before getting back to his vehicle.

As the officer was experiencing vision problems he called for help and another CHP Officer responded 10 minutes later.When the second officer arrived the driver was naked and not compliant said Jager, the second officer attempted to subdue him with a taser but was not successful.

Two citizens nearby were able to subdue the driver with the second arriving officer. Once that was done medical aid was able to enter the scene where they tried to perform CRP on the driver. He died on the scene and the officer was taken to Mad River Hospital and eventually flown to UC Davis Medical Center.

The two-year CHP Officer transferred to the North Coast just December 2 from the Bay Area.

No date was given for an autopsy.