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New Eureka City Manager begins duties

EUREKA- Friday was the second day of work for the new Eureka City Manager, and he says he is excited to be serving the people of the city.

Greg Sparks has worked in seven different city governments.  He was most currently the City Manager for the City of West Des Moines, Iowa, where he oversaw more than 400 employees and an annual budget of more than $100 million dollars.  Sparks signed an open ended contract with the City of Eureka and says he will be meeting city officials, staff and other members of the community during the next couple of weeks.  He also says he has multiple goals during his time as Eureka City Manager.

"What I would like to see happen is that we start bringing down the unemployment rate and we provide a safe environment in our neighborhoods where families feel safe.  And I think that that is an issue currently and I think that the more we can do from a public safety standpoint in working with residents, working in the community to help make that a reality, those are some of the things I want to see some improvement on," said Sparks.