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New food truck rule aims to make transactions smoother for vendors, customers

EUREKA- New state rules aiming to make lunchtime a little less stressful for food truck vendors and customers will go into effect Tuesday.

The new rules set by the California Board of Equalization will allow vendors to post flat-rate prices that include sales tax for the food they sell. Because sales tax amounts can change depending on where the food truck is located each day, this new rule will allow the trucks to charge the same price wherever they go and calculate the sales tax prices later.

Right now, food truck customers pay the listed price on the menu, plus an additional sales tax. Because customers don’t know how much that tax is until they are at the register, the California Board of Equalization says the system has left many people frustrated and short on change.

Under the new rules, food truck customers can presume that sales tax is included in the price on the menu and no additional charges will be added when paying for the meal.

The state hopes that this new system will help make transactions run smoother, saving time for both food truck vendors and customers.