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New medical marijuana ordinance discussed in Humboldt County

NORTH COAST- A new medical pot ordinance about outdoor neighborhood grows was presented at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday afternoon.
A proposal was brought forward from the medical marijuana subcommittee to try and lessen the neighborhood-level impacts of outdoor medical marijuana cultivation. After months of public input the subcommittee proposed a new ordinance, which would stop growing on parcels less than one-half acre in size if they did not meet certain criteria. Some of that criteria allows no more than 5 mature plants per parcel, no cultivation within twenty feet of any residence, and no growing within 600-feet of any school or bus stop. County officials said it has been an ongoing issue throughout the county and that they want to address the issue before it becomes worse,
"The most complaints come from Willow Creek where a lot of smaller parcels are growing large amounts of marijuana and it is creating a really bad smell throughout the community and people are having a hard time re-selling their homes because of trimmers that come to the area during the summertime and take over."