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New members take seats on Arcata City Council

ARCATA- The three elected members of the Arcata City Council were sworn in Tuesday.

Re-elected Mark Wheetley, and newly elected Paul Pitino and Sofia Pereira took their seat on the council. Serving as mayor this year will be Micheal Winkler and serving as Vice Mayor will be Paul Pitino, who has previously served on the city council before.

Both Wheetley and Pereira will serve four year terms, and Pitino will serve two.

Not returning to the council is Alex Stillman, who has spend 16 years on the council. Tuesday she was honored for her service.

She was first elected in 1972 as the first councilwoman and was the city's first woman mayor. She returned to the council in 2006 after 26 years off.

Stillman has worked to develop downtown Arcata, created Arcata Main Street and helped to establish Godwit Days.