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New pastor at St. Bernard's Church in Eureka

EUREKA- The new pastor at Saint Bernard’s Church in Eureka has stepped in.  He says the murder of Father Eric Freed and the recent burglary of the church rectory are not going to stop him from helping people in the community.

Father Thomas Diaz, also known as Father Tom, served as a Priest at St. Bernard’s Church in Eureka from 1981-1985. Since then, the 59-year-old Sonoma native has been a priest at 12 other churches. He plans to have his office in the church rectory. However, he will live at Sacred Heart Church in Eureka, where he is also the pastor, because he says it is a quieter location. Father Tom says along with adding upgrades to the security system, a heavier door could be added to the front of the rectory.  He also says that three weeks ago, Father Loren Allen added a feature to the alarm system that sets it off when windows are broken. Father Tom says he while he is at the rectory, he is not going to live in fear.

"A lot of times it will be about me, myself and I when you live in fear.  Life isn't just about me, it's about them, too, or us.  When you live in fear, I would say you're giving maybe 60 percent or 40 percent of yourself and then you're always looking and getting suspicious of people.  'I wonder what they're doing,' and I like to see the positive in people first," said Father Tom.