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New program at Humboldt County Library delivers books within seven days

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- The Humboldt County Library is introducing a new program funded by the state.

The Zip Books Project can now get books the library currently doesn’t have to patrons faster than ever. In the program, the library orders books and audio books through or other third party vendors, and then delivers them to patrons as soon as three days later. The library can add the books to its collection or donate them to the Friends of the Redwood Libraries when the books are returned. Thirty other rural libraries in the state have the program. Library officials say this project provides a unique service, especially for residents living in the more rural areas of Humboldt County.

"If someone is satisfied with waiting for a book to be delivered through an interlibrary loan, then we're glad to do that and we'll continue to do that.  But a zip book, let's suppose it's part of a series of juvenile or young adult fiction, we can have that book sent to the person who wants that book pretty quickly, within seven days," said Victor Zazueta, the Director of the Humboldt County Library.

To use the Zip Books Program, you must have a library card and be in good standing with the Humboldt County Library. The fee for using the program is $1, which is the same as the Interlibrary Loan system.