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New 'Splash Park' opens in Benbow

GARBERVILLE- There is a new place to cool off in southern Humboldt, and in an effort to draw tourism and local residents to Garberville's Benbow RV Park opened a new water park Thursday.
The splash park is the only water park in Humboldt County and is part of a larger renovation project costing $2 million. Within the next few months a new sport court and playground will be added to the facility. The park is hoping to bring more tourists to the area with the new additions but also attract local residents as well. The cost is free but they plan to offer daily and monthly passes.
Benbow RV Park General Manager Mark McGowen said, “We are really excited about it. This is going to be something that we are adding to the community. We wanted to provide something for the kids in Humboldt county."