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New water bill introduced draws ire of Jared Huffman and other Norcal representatives

Sacramento - A new water bill introduced by state republican congressional members has been blasted by Jared Huffman and other Northern California representatives.

According to their press release “The house is moving towards passing yet another divisive, dishonest and potentially devastating California water bill without any public input or legislative oversight.”

The group said in a statement, “The idea that this bill is a compromise is laughable. It is clear that it was thrown together without any input from anyone other than those who stand to benefit from its passage. The bill hasn’t been reviewed by federal agencies, the state, affected local water agencies, the fishing industry, tribes or communities. Legislation this sweeping should be the subject of public hearings and input from all affected stakeholders.”

Stakeholders maintain the Klamath and Trinity watersheds are sure to be affected should this pass. No word on how the governor stands on this bill but, prudence would seem to dictate that public outcry will go a long way in influencing what state leaders are contemplating.