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News Channel 3 Green Report: Green for Halloween

Halloween can be frightening, especially when you think about the impact it can have on the environment... For this week’s News Channel 3 green report, Dave Silverbrand looks at how you can keep the *green in your Halloween.
It’s downright spooky what Halloween costs you.  The average American family spends 75 dollars on Halloween every year.  And that has a frightening impact on the environment with used costumes likely bound for the landfill.  Part of the problem is that kids these days have demanding taste when it comes to Halloween costumes and candy.  So cal—recycle suggests going easy on candy and costumes as well.  This eureka thrift store suggests recycling costumes as many of their customers already do.
Said Brian Hall, jr. Of the eureka rescue mission thrift store, “a lot of our customers are repeat.  They’ll buy it and bring it back and somebody else will buy it and bring it back.  It’s amazing to see things come in with a price tag from a year ago, two years ago, five years ago.”
It also helps to teach kids that Halloween doesn’t have to be a horror story.  It can be a teachable moment.  Teach them to use old clothing rather than costumes.  And you don’t need that much make-up either.  And it’s not a bad idea to save money.  You’ll need it for holiday shopping.