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Next Trinidad City Manager selected

TRINIDAD- The search for the next city manager is over in Trinidad, after the council unanimously agrees on a candidate.

Karen Suiker has been the Trinidad City Manager since 2011, and is set to retire.  Dan Berman will be the next city manager.  He has worked in coastal watershed management over the last 13 years, including serving as Director of Conservation for the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District. Berman, who grew up in Trinidad, has also served as the Program Director of the Morrow Bay National Estuary program.  The Mayor of Trinidad, Julie Fulkerson, says she thinks Berman’s experience will make him a strong city manager.

"We're really fortunate that he's interested in working with us in Trinidad because of his background, which is very diverse, but a lot of it is focused on ocean efforts, clean water and land management.  So, it's perfect for us. That's the biggest responsibility we have.  We have thousands of people coming through every day, who come to see the ocean, come to walk on the beaches and for them, and certainly for the native habitat, we need to be responsible managers," said Mayor Fulkerson.