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No teacher layoffs to be made at Eureka City Schools for next school year

EUREKA- Officials with Eureka City Schools say no teachers will be get layoff notices for the coming school year.  California education code mandates school districts must give a preliminary notice by March 15th to any teachers they plan to lay off for next school year.

Superintendent Fred Van Vleck confirms that at Thursday night’s Eureka City Schools Board of Trustees meeting, he will announce there will be no teacher layoffs for the 2014/2015 school year.  This makes the second year in a row of there being no teacher layoffs in the school district, after at least 10 years of multiple layoffs in a row.  School officials also say student enrollment has declined for the past ten years, but has increased this year and is projected to go up next year.  They say the enrollment numbers, as well as accurate projections of enrollment numbers are among the reasons no teachers had to be laid off recently.

"I believe it's a great day for eureka city schools anytime we can go out and make sure that we're not disrupting the lives of our young teachers who do not have a lot of seniority in the district and not cause turmoil for them, because anytime you have turmoil caused in the teacher's life, it has the potential to spill over into the classroom and affect their teaching," said Superintendent Van Vleck.