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North Coast Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Community members took the time off from work and school to reflect back on the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Two events in Eureka and Arcata celebrated the civil rights leader.

In Eureka, the local chapter of the NAACP encouraged the community to continue the work of Dr. King. Liz Smith of the NAACP said there are still goals that have not been fully realized yet. "It's one thing to speak, it's another thing to actually put action behind your words," said Smith.

Smith said the community should use this day to start community service projects and help those less fortunate.

"Use the day to reflect," said guest speaker, Cedric Aaron. "Not only on what we can do, not just as one select ethnicity group, but for all people to continue his dream and his work."

Later in the day, in Arcata, the community celebrated at their annual Bowl of Beans benefit for Arcata Elementary School.

At the event the community listened to music performed by local performers and musicians.