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North Coast extreme weather shelters open

HUMBOLDT COUNTY - Extreme weather shelters will be opening on the North Coast in anticipation of the colder than normal temperatures predicted over the next few days.

Eureka, Arcata and Garberville will all open Tuesday evening. Temperatures are expected to dip into the 20’s and 30’s.

Eureka and Garberville shelters have check-ins at 5:30 and 6 o’clock. Arcata’s shelter is lottery based. With limited bed spaces, Those in need draw a ticket for admittance at 2:30 each afternoon the shelter is open.

Addresses for shelters are: Eureka Rescue Mission - 110 2nd Street, Arcata House Partnership - 1005 11th Street and Garberville Shelter John Haynes Memorial Hall - 483 Conger Street