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North Coast residents enjoying warm weather

EUREKA- Wednesday was a warm spring day as record temperatures spread across the North Coast, and residents were out enjoying the sunshine and heat.

The average high temperature in Eureka for April 30th is 59 degrees.  But you might not believe that if you went outside on Wednesday.

"I wake up on days like this and just think, 'Yes.  Today's going to be a good day because the sun just makes it a good day, even if it wasn't going to be a good day.  Even if bad things happen, it's still a good day because of the sun," said Elizabeth Cornwell, who is a Eureka resident.

"I think when we're going through our winters and all of a sudden, you have that sunny day, it's miraculous.  Here it's just absolutely amazing to have gorgeous weather and be able to enjoy it," said Suzanne Timek, who lives in Eureka.

The temperature rose to 80 degrees in Eureka on Wednesday, and people had the chance to people to enjoy their favorite activities.

"I love to disc golf.  I love hiking.  I like taking my dogs for a walk.  I like to go play at the park so there's a lot of things that I like to do in the sunshine,” said Annaca Leafdahl, who lives in Eureka.

"She doesn't like the beach, but the rest of us do.  Hang out here at the gazebo.  Just go for a walk, hit the park, whatever strikes our fancy, just don't go home," Cornwell said.

The Assistant Fire Chief with Humboldt Bay Fire, Rusty Goodlive, has some tips to make sure everyone is staying safe through all this hot weather.

"One of the most important of which is not to leave children inside cars where they can overheat, whether they're infants or small children.  It can get really hot in cars which can cause hyperthermia," said Assistant Fire Chief Goodlive.

But fire officials say the risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke applies to people of all ages, especially the elderly.

"Folks should also remember to stay well hydrated, drink plenty of water, and use sunscreen," Assistant Fire Chief Goodlive said.

Fire officials also say that even if you are not thirsty, it’s important to drink regularly on hot days. 

"If you're in the heat and you're starting to feel nauseous or dizzy, a couple of things are really important.  One is to just plain get out of the heat, reduce your activity and drink plenty of water," said Assistant Fire Chief Goodlive.