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North Coast residents excited for Sochi Olympics

The Winter Olympics in Sochi begin Thursday here on News Channel 3.  And to get ready for the worldwide competition, we asked North Coast residents what they are excited about for the 20-4 Olympic games.

"My daughter and I have been tracking that.  She's been following that on the internet in terms of what's coming up and we're excited about the snowboarding and skiing events.  We enjoy winter sports," said Mike Foget, who lives in Blue Lake.

"I am looking forward to watching the bobsledding because it's fast and something fun to do and I hope that America wins," said Alissa Young, who lives in Fortuna.

"I really like ice skating because I think it's beautiful and cool," said Sara Armstrong, who lives in Eureka.

"I'm looking forward to the women's long jump this year because we finally made the Olympics which is really exciting for women.  And half pipe, Shaun White is pretty awesome.  I'm not much of like a snowboard fan in general but I love the Olympics for that reason," said Cassie Cornett, who lives in Arcata.