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North Coast residents shop for Valentine's Day

EUREKA- Saturday is Valentine’s Day and North Coast residents spent the day searching for the perfect gifts.

Some local residents headed to Humboldt Chocolate in Eureka to get sweets for their significant other.

“There's something about getting a fancy box of chocolate that's special, maybe it's a nostalgic thing," said Nicole Nada, who lives in Arcata.

The owner of Humboldt Chocolate, Jonah Ginsburg, says right now is the store’s biggest time of year and workers began preparing about two weeks ago.

"We do as much as we can.  We recovered from Christmas and made as much as we could and we try and prepare as best as we can, but in the end, what we have is what we have and come soon and get it," said Ginsburg.

It’s also the busiest time of year at Eureka Florist.

The Co-Owner of Eureka Florist, Kris Chorbi, says the company delivers about a dozen flower arrangements to people from Fortuna to McKinleyville on an average day.  But they say on February 13 and 14, they usually deliver about 300.

"We love flowers just as much as our customers do so we really enjoy making every arrangement special and beautiful so the person can convey their love for their loved one," said Chorbi.

The business also makes sure last minute shoppers can get what they need.

"We are ready for them.  We have lots of arrangements that are made up and ready to go.  We are always prepared for our last minute customer and the flowers are just as beautiful on the day of Valentines Day as they are before," Chorbi said.

But whether it’s chocolate or flowers you’re giving to your special someone, many say it’s just a special time of year.

“It seems like everyone is in a really good mood and they're happy and there's a lot of love being spread around even between employees and your kids and your family, so it's a nice time of year," said Sequoya Cross, who lives in Eureka.

"We really should be doing it every day, but it's just a holiday that celebrates love, what a great thing to celebrate, right?" Nada said.

The National Retail Federation reports the average person will spend more than $140 on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, which is about eight dollars more than last year.