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North Coast shoppers prepare for storm

EUREKA- The storm has North Coast shoppers out in full force, buying all sorts of supplies to prepare for the worst.

Shoppers at Pierson Building Center in Eureka started preparing for the storm last week by purchasing a variety of necessities. 

"A lot of rain boots, a lot of tarps, a lot of those emergency candles, flashlights and batteries are going like crazy, extension chords, those are our top things, rain gear," said Samantha Walker, who is a cashier at Pierson Building Center.

Fieldbrook resident Angel Amato is buying batteries for flashlights.

"I'm buying batteries today because there's a good possibility the lights are going to go out at our house and we want to make sure we're prepared," said Amato.

While Ferndale resident Peter Profant is getting propane canisters for his lantern.

"It's convenient.  It's decentralized and ever ready and available so it's better than batteries for my purposes so you get a nice, bright light from burning propane," said Profant.

North Coast residents say being ready is the best strategy to weather the storm.

"I've been in this situation a time or two in my day and it's something that happens often enough that we know how hard it is to get by if you're not prepared," said Robert Jones, who is a Eureka resident.

Some North Coast residents expect the storm to be a big one.

"Usually, the weather is pretty close around here so when they say it's going to rain, it's already raining and when they say it's going to blow, it's blowing and I think we're in for a good one," Jones said.

Other shoppers say they're not as concerned about the storm.

"I expect the storm might side swipe us and not be a big deal,” Profant said.

"I'm not concerned about the storm.  I've lived here in Humboldt all of my life and we get wind, we get rain," Amato said.