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North Coast shoppers take advantage of holiday deals

EUREKA- Although Christmas is over, holiday deals are still underway and shoppers are taking advantage. Many stores were open Friday morning hoping to generate as much revenue as possible before the year is over. From sale posters, to discount signs, stores are advertising holiday deals.

“We have a big sale going on right now where, you get 10 percent off the first item you buy, 20 percent off the second and 30 percent off every item after that,” said Chloe Hawkins, an employee with Belle Star.

Some retailers are hopeful for a strong end to 2014. 

“I think we're going to do well over the next few days and the sales last until the end of the year,” Hawkins said.

For the shoppers in Old Town Eureka, they say they like to support local businesses during the holidays. 

“We love coming to small towns like this and shopping locally. Because, it's unique and it's something you can't get online or in a big city. You know, the big cities just have all the same chain stores. So it's nice to come to little small shops and see what they're offering,” said Elianna Friedman, a visiting holiday shopper.

Business owners say shopping local is an essential element for driving the North Coast economy.

“Spend your dollars locally. And the businesses are also the driving factor of the local economy. So it's a give and take, a yin and yang kind of thing. And that is essential for both sides,” said Cornelius Lowenstein, the owner of CL Leather.