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North Coast youth learn smoothie making to promote wellness

EUREKA- Humboldt County youth learned how to be well and live healthy at a smoothie and juices workshop hosted by the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday.

The workshop is part of DHHS’ Transitional Age Youth Wellness Week for young people ages 16 to 26 to help youth who have experienced foster care, homelessness, juvenile justice and mental health issues live healthy lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. At the smoothie and juices workshop, youth learned how to mix a variety of fruits and vegetables to make easy and nutritious snacks while at home.

“The nutritional component of the smoothie and juices workshop was so that young people are able to learn about nutrition and ways to easily get vegetables into their diet and the vitamins from fruits as well but the other component of it is an emotional component,” said Qaiel Peltier, peer support specialist with the Transitional Aged Youth program.

Peltier says juices and smoothies can greatly boost the mood and promote emotional health. In addition to the smoothie workshop, DHHS is hosting several healthy living workshops throughout the week. This is the fourth year Humboldt County has put on Wellness Week events, winning two federal awards last year for it’s efforts.