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Northern California Community Blood Bank needs your help

EUREKA- The Northern California Community Blood in Eureka bank needs your help.

The blood bank requests people come in and donate platelets. People can donate them as frequent as every seven days.  Only 24 platelet donations are allowed per year. Platelets are not type specific and have a shelf life of only five days. They can be used to help trauma patients or people going through radiation treatment.

"Platelets have an almost endless amount of uses and it's wonderful when the hospitals can get this concentrated pack of platelets rather than having to separate it from the whole blood donation and get just a little bit," said Bobby Amirkhan with the Northern California Community Blood Bank.

To find out more information about the blood bank or how to donate, you can call (707) 443-8004. 

The blood bank will be open longer on Fridays and Saturdays