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Nurse-Family Partnership Program celebrates 19 graduates

NORTH COAST - Nineteen graduates have recently made it through the Humboldt County Nurse-Family Partnership's 2.5 year program.

The program offers help to low-income mothers pregnant with their first child. Nurses are assigned to mothers less than 28 weeks pregnant and assist them until their child is two years old. The nurse helps the mother improve pregnancy outcomes by teaching prenatal care and improved diets; while helping the parents develop a vision for their own future and the future of their children.

Nineteen nurse-family partners graduated from the program last week, bringing it’s current success to 109 graduates, since it’s start in 2009.

"We invite everyone to come, every support person that's involved with the family’s life to our graduation and it's like a giant two-year-old birthday party. We had 19 two-year-olds running around and it's just wonderful and it's a celebration of their success, it's a celebration of them offering their homes to us, to visit into and making changes in their lives to improve the lives of their children," said Kathryn O'Malley, Nurse Family Partnership Supervisor.