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Officers receive awards for saving lives

EUREKA- Three officers received “life-saving” awards Monday in a ceremony held at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The awards are given to officers who have saved a life while in the line of duty.

Deputy Sheriffs Cyrus Silva and Seth Crosswhite were honored at the ceremony for saving the life of a 71 year-old man in King Salmon in April.

“We're not just out there to take people to jail,” Crosswhite said. “It shows that we're out there to help people and save people's lives and do what we can to protect the community.”

But for Silva, it’s a duty that comes with the job.

“It doesn't feel like anything special, just another day,” Silva said.

Senior Correctional Officer Todd Arnold was also honored at the ceremony. Arnold saved the life of a Humboldt County inmate who was choking last November.