Officials with Eureka City Schools react to school shooting in Oregon

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A gunman opened fire inside an Oregon high school on Tuesday, killing one student and injuring a teacher.

The gunman also died at the scene. Reynolds High School, in a town just outside of Portland, went on lockdown for nearly two hours as anxious parents waited for word on the safety of their children. Authorities have not identified the shooter, but say he used a rifle. 

Meanwhile in Humboldt County, officials with Eureka City Schools say incidents like these are reviewed for any possible lessons that can be learned.

"When we hear of tragedies like this happening anywhere in the nation or even anywhere in the world, we do notify all of our school sites so that they are aware that this has happened.  It's like a ripple effect that runs through the entire educational system.  I think nationwide, when we hear of a school shooting, we do our best to be prepared.  We do our best to intervene with any students we think have any potential for some tragedy in their life," said Laurie Alexander, the Director of Student Services for Eureka City Schools.