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Officials meet to discuss environmental impacts of illegal pot grows along the North Coast

FORTUNA- The Fortuna Chamber of Commerce hosted a special presentation Monday in an effort to raise awareness about the environmental impacts illegal pot growers have along the North Coast.
A few months ago the chamber said they were presented with overwhelming evidence of environmental damage caused by illegal growers throughout the county. The information led board members to seek out local environmental organization EPIC to find out what they were doing to help put a stop to the problem. EPIC said that it is an ongoing issue but they are raising awareness about the problem through community outreach and sustainable agriculture. They also had a resolution passed with the county Board of Supervisors that approved a voluntary ban of buying rat poison, a product that many growers use for their crops to keep wildlife out of the area. 
Fortuna Chamber of Commerce Chairmen Rod Allen said there was a point in the meeting that became controversial between EPIC and a few board members, but they managed to find a common ground about the issue at hand.
Allen said, “A communication definitely happened during the meeting and I think the agreement is that of course it is a huge problem and we know the marijuana industry is more than a quarter of our economy here in the county and we are going to have to continue to address it in the future.”