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Officials say fire that destroyed trailer in McKinleyville is suspicious

MCKINLEYVILLE- A single-wide travel trailer ignited near a McKinleyville home on Tuesday morning, and officials say it's suspicious.

Crews from the Arcata Fire Protection district responded to the fully engulfed fire around 3 a.m. on Norton Road. The fire was also threatening the house on the property. Officials say this fire is suspicious and neighbors say the blaze started shortly after they heard an altercation. There were no injuries. According to the Arcata Fire Protection District, downed power lines next to the fire hindered the firefighters’ ability to fight the fire.  However, fire crews were able to extinguish the blaze about 30 minutes after arriving. The property owner, Shawn Owsley, says he tried to extinguish the fire himself but was unsuccessful.

"It was really scary.  We've got children and the thing is, it puts everybody's lives in jeopardy, even the firefighters, so it was a real scary thing to deal with," said Owsley.