Officials working to reduce number of stolen and abandoned shopping carts in Eureka

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EUREKA- City officials in Eureka are working to lower the number stolen and abandoned shopping carts throughout the city.

Following last month’s Strategic Plan Update meetings, city staff and the council are working to address some of the transient related issues. One of the ways is by creating a Shopping Cart Ordinance. The current draft includes mandating retailers be responsible for helping prevent shopping cart thefts, making possession of a stolen shopping cart a misdemeanor offense, and creating a system for retailers to retrieve their stolen carts. 

“If you allow that, you allow graffiti, you allow a number of these things to continue, the cumulative impact is that it creates a less desirable community, it creates a less desirable place to live.  So I think you take these things on kind of one at a time and try to improve upon them," said Greg Sparks, the City Manager of Eureka.

City staff is currently collecting input from retailers about the proposal. Officials expect the ordinance to be finalized in August for possible adoption by the council.