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Old Town businesses create neighborhood watch group

EUREKA- Eureka old town businesses say they are fed up with crime in their community. Now more than 300 businesses are aligning to fight criminal activity by creating a neighborhood watch group.

“We are in the process of forming neighborhood watches within the Eureka Main Street area,” said Main Street Executive Director Charlotte McDonald. “We have a 49 block area that we manage and so we will have several different neighborhood watches.”

Laura Dubois, owner of Eureka’s Ali Rose Boutique, came up with the idea for the group after the store experienced crime in the community first hand. The group created a Facebook page and began spreading the word to other local businesses.

“I have seen a lot of local business owners joining the page so that's kind of let me know that a fair amount of them do want to participate and care about it,” said Ali Rose Boutique Owner John Dubois.

The group will hold its first meeting Wednesday, June 25th at 8 am and 6 pm in the lobby of Vance Hotel on 525 2nd Street. They hope to find ways to better communicate and prevent crime in the area.

Officials from the Eureka Police Department will be present at the meeting. McDonald says residents of old town will also be included in the watch.

For residents, business owners, and tourists alike, this could mean a safer place to work and play.

“I think it's a great idea,” said Funk Shui Owner Shari Martinsen. “I think it's a great way for all of the neighbors to stay connected and I think it's a great way to help the police, police the area when they can't do it; keeping tourists and residents safer, and businesses as well.”