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Old Town Eureka gets new EPD Patrol Officer

EUREKA- Old Town Eureka has a new patrol officer.  Louis Altic, a 12-year veteran of the Eureka Police Department, has begun his new two-year assignment.

Altic grew up in Lake County and graduated from Humboldt State University in 1993.  On Wednesday, he began patrolling the Old Town and Downtown areas during the daytime, and will also do patrols during special events.  The move is part of the Eureka Police Department’s restructuring process.  As part of officer Altic’s new assignment, he joined the Eureka Main Street Neighborhood Watch to help ensure public safety and quality of life in the area. He’s also working with Department of Health and Human Services representatives to conduct mental health evaluations of the homeless to connect them with services they may need. 

"It's just a nice opportunity to do something different and be able to concentrate on one thing.  With patrol, we're moving all over the city and there will be some chances with this to try to do some longer term good, hopefully, for the community," said Officer Altic.