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One Million for Hoopa Valley Tribal Justice

The Hoopa Valley Tribe will receive over a million dollars from the Department of Justice to assist with their justice program. The tribe will receive $501,437 to hire three new positions for their justice department and $878,524 for their domestic violence program.


"This money means a lot for our tribe," said Chairperson, Danielle Vigil-Masten. She said domestic violence calls are made daily in the Hoopa Valley.


Pamela Risling works for the K'ima:w Medical Group and  works to stop violence and sexual assaults in the tribe.


"We need to talk to our children and let them know that violence is not okay," said Risling.


The money will go toward providing transitional housing, helping victims find employment and transportation.


The tribe has had to cut their program and Vigil-Masten said the tribe will be able to assist more people at their time of need.


"Domestic violence does not fit into eight to five," said Vigil-Masten.


In October, the tribe will start their outreach by holding events designed to educate tribal members on domestic violence and sharing stories of those who have gone through it.


"A lot of times when you go through domestic violence you have a soul wound. That needs to be healed and we need a way to address it," said Risling.


The money comes to the tribe through a Department of Justice's Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation grant.