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Operation Safe Streets Eureka, aims to reduce crime and improve safety

EUREKA- To reduce crime in the city of Eureka, a local group is aiming to improve safety among the community. The group is called "Operation Safe Streets Eureka," a grassroots movement that involves dozens of community members and officials. The moderator of the group, local businessman Gene Bass, said that the purpose of the group is to connect neighbors with one another, something Eureka’s Police Chief Andrew Mills is in full support of,
"There is just too much crime in Eureka and we are trying to deal with it, but one of the things you see in research is the greatest correlation between low crime and a community, is the cohesiveness of the community,” said Mills.
Bass said he wants to form a core group of working people who can hold regular meetings to inform their community about what kind of crime is happening around town. Mills said ultimately he hopes the department can help the group by creating a website with a map of recently reported crimes in each neighborhood,
“We are really looking forward to supplying the community with specific crime data to those neighborhoods,” said Mills, “So you can look at your neighborhood, zoom in, and look at what is going on so we know what to look for. For instance, if a certain area of the city is experiencing a burglary problem, the whole community should know about that, and what they can do to prevent those things.”
If you'd like to get involved with the group you can visit their Facebook page for more information.