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Ordinance aims to legitimize marijuana businesses

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- An ordinance aimed to legitimize marijuana growing businesses in Humboldt County will be up for public review next week.

Attorneys with the California Cannabis Voice Humboldt are in the final stages of drafting the Comprehensive Cannabis Ordinance. The draft document intends to identify guidelines for marijuana growers to help legitimize their businesses. The ordinance will define how large of grows should be allowed, what taxes growers should pay local government and requirements for an agricultural plan to protect the environment.

The public will have a chance to review the document and suggest changes at an open meeting on November 6 in the Blue Lake Casino Sapphire Palace. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with panels starting at 6 p.m. Once the ordinance is finalized, organizers will have to obtain 2,000 signatures to present the proposed regulations to the board of supervisors.

“Cannabis is going to be legal at whatever level by 2016. There will be an initiative at the state level. What we're trying to do is get a jump on that,” said Richard Marks, the organizer for

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt. “We're trying to be on the forefront of that ordinance. Which we want to have growing regulations that supersede what the state comes up with.”