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Organization working to increase Humboldt Bay exploration opportunities

EUREKA- The Northcoast Environmental Center wants to take Humboldt Bay exploration to a new level.
The NEC, along with staff with the California Department Fish and Wildlife, HSU students and representatives of Humboldt Baykeeper took a tour of the Marine Protected Area in the south end of the Bay, also known as the South Humboldt Bay Marine Recreational Area. Also on Thursday’s tour, Humboldt Bay Harbor District officials tested parts of the bay for E. coli as the district is looking to expand opportunities for commercial oyster growing operations moving forward. Officials say Marine Protected Areas have thriving wildlife and are less visited by people due to their remote locations. Thursday’s tour was meant to be a test run to see if tours in this area of the bay would be feasible.
"Not everyone is really aware of this remarkable protection that we have and the more people that we can make aware of that, the more people will want to continue protecting these important places.  And it's also fascinating," said Jennifer Savage, the Coastal Programs Director for Northcoast Environmental Center.
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