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PACE presentation in Fortuna

FORTUNA - The Humboldt Senior Resource Center's Fortuna Dining Site welcomed a special presentation during their lunch today about PACE, the program for all inclusive care of the elderly.

On September 1 of last year, the center incorporated the PACE program as part of the services they provide. The health care model integrates social services, long-term care, and medical care for older adults. Since its inception, the program has gained about five participants a month, bringing them to a current total of 22 participants. This growth is on track with their projected goals, but they say they are continually looking to educate.

“So this program is providing folks with medical needs, social needs, and we look at folks as an entire continuum of care to provide all the necessary services to them to keep them safe and healthy and independent in their home for as long as possible,” Matalyn Shanahan, a PACE enrollment representative, said.