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Parents concerned over proposed ECS intertransfer policy

The Eureka city school board meeting tonight was packed with parents wanting to speak their mind on the interdistrict transfer policy.

The proposed policy would require parents living within the Eureka district to enroll their children in Eureka schools, but they wouldn’t be allowed to send their children to the Cutten-Ridgewood school district.

Currently, about 800 students who live in Eureka go to school outside of the district.

Because so many students leave, this has a substantial economic effect on Eureka city schools.

"My kids do go to a small school out of the district and they are thriving in a small school environment,” said parent Mike Dronkers, “To have that revoked or not available to future families to me seems unjust."

Some parents believe the district is focusing too much on money and not enough on the reasons why parents are choosing to send their children elsewhere.

The policy could be implemented as soon as the 2017-2018 school year.

Superintendent Van Vleck is recommending postponing the policy until the 2018-2019 school year to give families more time to adjust.