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Parents rally for student safety following pellet gun shooting

Parents rallied out in front of Eureka High School this afternoon after a student shot a pellet gun at a group of students last week, injuring two.

“I really think that it's so important that there should have been a lockdown,” Kim Mullins said.” “They should have let every single child in this school know what happened."

Mullins is the mother of one of the students who was shot. Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills said a lock down wasn’t necessary in this particular situation.

"It had nothing to do with the school or the campus,” Chief Mills said. “This was unfortunately students who were victims of a random act of violence."

The incident occurred about a third of a mile away from the school. Mills sad it appears the suspect, 18-year-old Christian John Kay was shooting from an apartment balcony off of L Street.

"The officer was able to narrow where the victim's were injured, to where the shots could have come from,” Chief Mills said. “It was pretty clear it came from one building."

Investigators found out who lived in the building and utilized tips from the public.

"So the combination of the two led us to a suspect who ultimately gave us a full confession and then we recovered the gun from him," Chief Mills adds.

Kay was booked into Humboldt County Jail Thursday night… exactly one week after the incident. He’s been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and has since posted bail.

"This is not a student that's been on our radar in terms of discipline issues,” Eureka High School Principal Rick Jordan said.

Jordan adds that Kay has been suspended, but that’s just the least of the consequences.

"I will make a recommendation to the Board for an expulsion which is a severe incident is how we go forward," Jordan said.

School officials are also looking at how they’ll respond differently if a similar incident ever occurs again.

 "Obviously we will review the steps that we took during this event,” Jordan said. “We've already done a number of steps in that direction to make sure we can do it better each time."

But parent’s say that’s not enough—

"I just hope that if their protocol is to not do anything when somebody is shot by a gun right by the school— I hope they look at their protocol and make some changes," Mullins said.