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Patrick's Point Native Plant Garden being revitalized

TRINIDAD- A garden in Trinidad, originally installed in 1961, has almost been restored to its original condition after not being maintained for about 20 years.

Patrick’s Point Native Plant Garden was originally created by the Patrick’s Point Garden Club, with help from officials with California State Parks. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held over the weekend to celebrate the revitalization of the garden, and an original member of the Patrick’s Point Garden Club attended. Over the winter, volunteers and employees at the state park cleared out brush and weeds that grew over the garden, transplanted four additional native plants, and installed plant identification signs. An Environmental Scientist with California State Parks, Michelle Forys, says having ID signs is important, because they teach people how to identify plants native to the North Coast.

"With what's going on with our planet, I think we really need to know about nature and what's around us and how that benefits us as a human species.  If we're not aware of our surroundings and what's native and what's non-native, we could actually lose a lot of plants that are crucial to our ecosystem, if we were to just let, say, the non-native plants take over," said Forys.

The garden will be completely revitalized by the end of next winter.