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Pedestrian crossing street hit by truck

EUREKA - A pedestrian sustains major injuries after he is struck by a vehicle in Eureka.

A man was crossing the street at 4th and “K” when he was hit by a Toyota truck just after 5:30 on Friday.

The male driver of the truck said he had no time to react before hitting the man, who he says darted out into the street.

The impact sent the victim about 30-feet forward.

Emergency personnel arrived on scene fairly quickly since the sheriff’s office just steps away from the intersection.

“He was rushed to the hospital and his condition is unknown at this time but he did receive major injuries.  Alcohol is not a factor at this point in the investigation, said Sgt. Brandon Lale, California Highway Patrol, “The driver has been cooperative and remained on the scene and we're interviewing him now. There were a couple of bicyclists that witnessed the situation and we're also gathering their statements as well.”