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Pedestrian hybrid beacon up and running in Crescent City

CRESCENT CITY - A new pedestrian hybrid beacon is up and running in Crescent City. The first of it's kind on the North Coast.

The beacon, also known as a high intensity activated crosswalk or HAWK was installed at a heavy traffic area on highway 101 in north Crescent City. Caltrans chose to install the HAWK system as a safety measure after several pedestrian injuries, including one fatality. According to the Department of Transportation HAWK boasts a 69% reduction in pedestrian crashes. 

 “Well this, unlike other pedestrian crossings you've seen, that just have flashing lights, this will actually stop traffic and let the people go across the road. This physically will stop them on a red light, just for safety of pedestrians here. So Caltrans had to do something to get the people across this wide street,” said Mark Spencer, Spencer Electric Owner.