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People wear purple for Spirit Day to support LGBT youth

HUMBOLDT COUNTY - Humboldt County joined people across the nation, wearing purple to support the LGBT community Thursday.

October 16 is known as “Spirit Day” to honor and support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth who have been bullied.

People wear purple in solidarity with youth and to raise awareness. Individuals, corporations, politicians and even baseball teams wore their purple Thursday.

The effort is also prevalent on social media with people turning their profile pictures purple and a trending #spiritday.

The color purple represents the spirit of the rainbow flag.

"It's important to show support and to band together. We are a small community within the LGBT community at large and we need to educate the public and help show that it is a community that is going to stand up to bullying. That we're done. We've had enough. And it's about time," Stephanie Allen, secretary for Humboldt Pride and a board member, said.