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Pest alert for the north coast

North Coast - If you are one of the many who have a lemon or lime tree here on the North Coast, you’ve got a potential threat to those trees..

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has issued a warning that HLB or “Huonglongbing” virus is in Northern California. The farthest north it has been observed is San Jose.  Also, all of Tulare County south of Visalia is under quarantine at this time. Although none of the pests have been detected in Humboldt County as of yet, those with citrus trees should still keep a look out.. The virus is  caused by an Asian Citrus Psyllid; a tiny brown insect that first was discovered in Florida back in 1998. It causes a citrus tree to produce bitter, hard and inedible fruit and kills the tree.

Homeowners are being asked to check their trees for signs of the insect and not move any fruit throughout the state. Officials also ask the public to call their hot line if the insect is discovered at: 1-800-491-1899.