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PG&E gets ready for storm

NORTH COAST- Pacific Gas and Electric officials say the company is prepared to handle the big storm after bringing additional crews to the North Coast in advance of all the rain and wind.

PG&E officials are referring to their weather system in San Francisco to stay up to date with the latest storm forecasts. They are using that information to mobilize crews to the parts of the North Coast that historically receive the most problems during storms. In addition, PG&E works year round to trim or remove trees or other debris that could damage power lines and cause outages. Officials say to follow these steps if you come across a downed power line.

"The most important thing people should do when they see a downed or low-hanging power line is to stay away from it, always assume that the line is energized, call 911 to identify the line and then after the call has been placed in, we recommend that you call PG&E immediately so we can get someone out there to restore it as soon as possible," said Ivan Marruffo, the Customer Relationship Manager for PG&E.

Three hundred nine customers in the Petrolia area are currently experiencing a power outage, and PG&E officials say power should be restored at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening.

Eighty-four customers near Big Lagoon and 61 customers in the Garberville area are also without power, but there is no word on when their power will be restored.