Phone scam alert

Eureka:     We have another telephone scam alert to report here in Humboldt County and this time, supposedly from the IRS or US Treasury. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office says at least twenty times in the past week phone scammers have pretended to be the IRS and accuse a local resident of owing money and if they refuse to pay immediately, they say they will put out a warrant for an arrest. The suspect attempts to get a money order, cashiers check or red dot card from the resident to pay the fictitious bill. 

So far no one has yet to fall for the scam. Law enforcement warns the public that sometimes the scammers will even try to support their attempts of fraud with follow up emails, fake names and fraudulent IRS badge numbers.

Authorities say not to fall for these attempts and if you have questions regarding your taxes or fraud, call:

IRS Inspector General - 1-800-366-4484

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department - 707-445-7251