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Photography exhibition shows off local artwork

EUREKA- The Humboldt Photography Exhibition is back again this year featuring photography from residents across Humboldt County.

This is the exhibition’s fifth year in Eureka. It is the largest photography exhibit in the county with nearly 150 photographs on display. The Redwood Art Association and the Redwood Camera Club put on the photography show.

Residents of all ages and skill were invited to submit their work to be displayed in the exhibition at the Redwood Art Association’s Gallery in Eureka.

The work was judged on Monday prior to the opening of the exhibit, with prizes given to the top photographs. This year, the organizers invited acclaimed Los Angeles landscape photographer Ted Gore to review and critique the photos.

“They come up to Humboldt county thinking, oh it's just going to be a show of snapshots but yea, I'll do it but they have been really, really shocked and amazed at the quality of photography in the county,” said Sharon Falk-Carlsen, co-chair of the exhibition. “Their reaction is, these aren't snap shots, this is art and that's really exciting for me for Humboldt County to have that type of recognition out of the area in an art form.”

The exhibit runs until August 22nd and is free to the public.