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Pine Hill School installs "Buddy Bench"

EUREKA - A big unveiling took place at a local elementary school and the kids were just beside themselves.

Pine Hill School installed a “buddy bench” on their playground. Parents, students and teachers donated to the cause and Friday it arrived. An Arcata concrete company, Monument Settings, did the honors of building the bench and by all accounts it is an unmitigated success. And the builder felt well...rewarded.

Jona Kavanaugh:

 “It’s good to put it know as you’re building it you’re like..oh...this is going to be a good one. A lot of people are going to like it and uh most importantly it will last you a long time. Everything we build is built to last as long as possible.”

Bullying isn’t tolerated at pine hill elementary and principal Tami Beall and her staff wanted to do something proactive and very positive for the kids. A buddy bench seemed a good fit for the school and would emphasize a spirit of friendship.

Tami Beall:

 “We’ve had parents give us a great amount of feedback...that they’re just thrilled that this is happening. A lot of community members are thrilled it is happening. The was kind of a surprise but it leaked out and those... The kids that know were really excited for it to come about.”

And really this is the biggest thing... It is about the kids...their behavior and how they interact, have manners and learn to coexist on a playground peacefully. When a spirit of friendship exists, so many things can happen. Children feel safe, express themselves and have fun. It helps lead everyone to an opportunity for success.