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Planned Parenthood of Northern California celebrates Roe v. Wade anniversary

BAYSIDE- 2015 marks the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a Supreme Court decision known as the case that legalized abortion nationwide. In celebration of that landmark decision, planned parenthood of Northern California hosted their annual Choices Breakfast Friday at the Baywood Country Club.

"It's important to not only remind us of what to be grateful for in the advances we've made toward reproductive justice, but the fight is long from over you know and we have to continue to keep on keeping on and do the work that we do," Tia Baratelle with Planned Parenthood of Northern California said.

Friday's breakfast was a benefit for the organization and a celebration of the progress achieved towards reproductive rights. Nearly 180 people filled the room for keynote speaker Jon O'Brien. He's the president of Catholics for Choice and spoke to the group about the work his organization is doing in the fight for reproductive justice.